2pcs/box Green Ceramic Magnet 4 Core Shielded Wire Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups for Microphonics Suppression

2pcs/box Green Ceramic Magnet 4 Core Shielded Wire Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickups for Microphonics Suppression
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Ceramic crystal oscillator frequency stabilization, frequency is very stable!!!

High power gold-sealed transmitter, high transmitting power, strong ability to penetrate the wall!!!

The frequencies of the products are between 95.8MHz and 96.0MHz. The frequencies of the ceramic crystal oscillator are very stable! uuuuuuuuuu All kinds of radio, mobile phone and MP3 can be received!
Ceramic crystal oscillator is used to stabilize frequency, stable transmission frequency and no drift. It can kill all kinds of common LC capacitor three-point circuit in seconds. At the same time, it has better sensitivity. It uses high power transmitter and high transmission power 360mW!! Usage is very wide, can be used in monitoring, picking up sound, anti-theft, child care, music program wireless forwarding, musical instrument pickup, teacher lectures, can be matched with the use of video monitors!



Working parameters:


Working Voltage 12V


The working current is 60 mA (the working current has a certain relationship with the antenna length, the longer the antenna is, the better the effect is).


Transmitting frequency 96MHZ


Maximum transmit power: 360 mW


Measured launch distance: 300 meters(Open space, the antenna is 80 centimeters vertical, the microphone is 1.4 meters high from the ground), ordinary indoor household area can be well covered by the environment, high power through the wall is strong!


The longer the antenna is, the better the effect is and the farther the distance is. The default antenna for shipment is one meter. The antenna needs to be welded by customers themselves.

Connection method:


Following chart

There are three pads at the end of the plate. They are positive red, negative black and antenna black.


Use note:

1. Battery power supply is preferred, such as 12V battery, lithium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, etc. It can be supplied by transformer linear power supply with low ripple interference, and switching power supply is not recommended.

2. Use high-power RF transistor as transmitter. The transmitting power is high. Please connect the antenna to transmit without antenna, which will damage the performance of power amplifier.

3. Never connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply. Connecting the negative poles may cause damage to on-board devices. Never connect AC directly.

4. The longer the transmitting antenna is, the better it is. The antenna needs to be placed in an open place, straightened, far away from metal objects, and can be suspended vertically.

5 Receiver can use FM receiving function, radio, mobile phone, MP3, MP4 and other receiving devices.