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Special note:
1: the product training for the manual calling for upper limb training
Practice, as long as there is strength with one hand is normal, the other side
Stroke hemiplegia powerless, as long as the hand can help in the family
On one side of the bend can make normal hand dynamic driving training
2: used for lower limb training should have little strength, and feet can be slow
Slow walk. Principle, just like a bicycle
More, can adjust the resistance. If you don\'t understand client first, please
For the store to buy, thank you!
Sitting 3: this product is used, can\'t stand to make directly
Use, avoid accidents. If you have any slide case, please sit higher
The chair.
Installed (equipped with tools and photo)
1: the main material: steel item description: philharmonic on foot to help line
2, the product description:
1) for a foot injury recovery use, also can be used to exercise at ordinary times
2) office workers do the thigh weight loss good helper, can put it under the desk, work while exercising, power size can be adjusted (adjustable light tight), use super convenient, anytime, anywhere, easy exercise to lose weight.
3) after motion under massage relaxation of tension of leg meat meat to prevent muscle

4) a size, movement with the TV on, easy to save time, still can exercise, kill two birds with one stone