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DIY Quadcopter 2.4GHz 4-Aixs RC Drone ARF APM2.8 M7N GPS 630MM Carbon Fiber Frame W/ Motor ESC Props






Power Supply: 700KV Brushless Motor 3508 / 30A ESC No BEC 

Propellers:  1555 Carbon Fiber Propellers

Flight Control/GPS: APM 2.8 / M7N GPS




Functions :

1. The aircraft in the air has a rise, fall, hover, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, left fly, right fly, self-stability, set high, a key return, headless mode, fixed point, a key landing , Ratio control Acro novice with caution), automatic mode (AUTO), around the circle, guidance, follow the model, open source flight control flight stability, can be prepared.

2. Aircraft body pure carbon cover the overall use of CNC precision machining. 

3.APM2.8 with M7NGPS, search star speed, cold start speed than 6M, 6H twice as fast. Positioning accuracy of 2.5M, built-in high-precision electronic compass, 56-channel 7 engine. C / A, BeiDou b1, can be dual-mode at the same time. 

4. Simple operation With manual, as long as you are not the first contact, completely independent. 

5. When using the charger, please do not charge the 3S and 4S batteries at the same time. 

6. IF Do not understand the flight control and remote control, please do not modify any parameters and wiring.




Please Note : 1.When you charging ,please don\'t connect charger with 3S and 4S battery at the same time , 

                      2. Please don\'t change parameter and wires randomly , any questions ,please contact us , thank you .


SoftWare :

Software:Mission Planner                                       

Official website address : http://ardupilot.org/planner/index.html                   

APM is an open source flight control, can you play APM well depend on individual ability. Player must have ability of basic understanding of monolithic integrated circuit, c-language, knowledge of electrical,mechanical, and also needs a certain degree of mental capacity, financialand material resources, energy support.If you\'re not ready, then We recommend that you prepare some introductory information first.



Package Include :

Frame kit *1

700KV Brushless Motor *4

30A Brushless ESC *4

1555Propellers *2 pairs

Flight Control GPS Set  *1

Accessories kit *1